Greetings, and Welcome!

I’m Rebecca Chesin, and my “superpower” is helping you make positive changes to get from the negative place you’re stuck in to the place you want to be.

If you want to create a new life story for yourself, develop the confidence and courage to reach your goals and experience greater enjoyment in your relationships, contact me (; 763-458-6896) and we’ll work together to get you there.

Whether you’re experiencing:

  • Relationship troubles with a spouse/partner, friends, family, coworkers or even yourself;
    Mood problems such as anxiety or depression;
  • Attitudes getting in the way of a satisfying life — low self-esteem, procrastination, negative outlook, perfectionism, etc.;
  • Temporary situations like life transitions and stress that have gone on too long

Trade in your old life story for a sparkly new, better one!

My clients are people just like you. I offer a safe, comfortable, and professional place to be heard and understood, to explore new possibilities, and to find successful ways to get back on track.

I’ll collaborate with you to resourcefully solve life’s problems and create fulfilling relationships. Traditional and alternative life styles, experiences, and identities welcome.

Contact me (; 763-458-6896) and we’ll talk about how I can help with your situation.

Stuck is a state of mind. It doesn’t have to be permanent.